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Our company has developed a unique product the application named LookOutMyWindow. This is a service that allows users from different parts of the world to share views from their windows. Now the phrase "look at the world through other people's eyes" takes on a new meaning. Indeed, today anyone can install the application, scan the place where he would like to see the window, and the application will randomly “offer” a new view from the window. Moreover, in the app you will not only see a dynamic image, but also hear the real sounds of the area where you "go". You can also share your view from the window through instant messengers.

Seminar for computer science teachers in Baranovichi

On February 24, a seminar for computer science teachers was held on the basis of the State Educational Institution “Secondary School No. 4” in Baranovichi. Computer science teachers of all schools in the borough gathered that day to get acquainted with the technology "Augmented Reality" and the possibilities of its application in educational process. The lecture about augmented reality was given by Konstantin Petrashko - founder of the company AR.TEAM. In addition to learning about augmented reality, teachers also learned how to create augmented reality content and the main stages of creating mobile apps. All participants gained hands-on experience in interacting with augmented reality applications and virtual 3D models. Teachers wishing to ask interesting questions about the topic of the seminar had an opportunity to do so. And everyone got comprehensive answers. The conversation took place in the form of a discussion. The seminar ended with a conversation between teachers and AR.TEAM employees.

New app ASTAR 4D for a series of children's encyclopedias

AR.TEAM company has developed the Astar4d augmented reality app for a series of children's encyclopedias. The series includes 22 books. Here are just a few of them: Space, Human being, Technique, Scientific experiments, Living world, Earth, Human Anatomy and physiology etc. 180 3D models come to life in the book series. Every user having bought a book, downloaded the application and pointing the camera of a mobile phone to a page with a special icon, will see the revived models and get acquainted with additional information that perfectly complements the material presented in each encyclopedia. Thus, children can interact with the book, which increases the child's interest, and therefore involvement in the process of learning the world.

Presentation of Monumentation at the exhibition of the Memorial

On February 12-14, 2020, the annual exhibition “Memorial. Stone processing" was in Minsk. It was here that the first public presentation of the Monumentarium project took place. This project was developed and implemented by AR.TEAM. Monumentalarium is a platform for mobile phones and tablets that allows you to display and configure monuments in AR (Augmented Reality). The process of selecting a monument has never been so simple. Because of this application, you can select a monument from the catalog, add information about the deceased (full name and years of life) and his photo, choose an epitaph. After that, you can change the material from which the monument will be made and modify its shape, as well as add or remove accessories in real time. Thus, in a matter of minutes, a purchaser sees the ordered monument in real size. Moreover, this application allows you to "walk" around the monument or see how it will look next to existing monuments. Also the application includes the function of saving photos of a configured monument and the ability to share it through instant messengers.

Launching a mobile app  in cooperation with “Belkartographiya”

Exploring nature has never been so interesting. “Belkartographiya” released a puzzle map on a wooden basis “Fauna and Flora of Belarus”. The feature of this map is not the material from which it is made, not the form of presentation of the material - a puzzle of 29 elements, but 3D models that come to life on it. It is enough to download the Belkartografiya mobile application, and then point the smartphone’s camera at the map. And then we can see the stork ready to fly up to the blue skies, stroke the majestic deer and admire the strength of the brown bear. All this became possible by working together the employees of "Belkartographiya" and the employees of AR.TEAM It is also possible to see 3D models in augmented reality in another publication - the atlas "The Great Inventions of the World." There, for example, the domestic BelAZ, English locomotive and Italian violin come to life.

Participation in the international hackathon Hack4history

On October 19 - 20, 2019, AR.TEAM took part in the first international historical hackathon #Hack4history, which was held at the Minsk international educational center named after Johannes Rau. The hackathon was attended by 14 teams from 4 countries - Belarus, Russia, Ukraine and Germany. The teams included teachers, historians, museum workers, programmers, designers, marketers and representatives of specialized NGOs. Mentors from various fields helped participants. In 48 hours, the participants prepared and presented to the jury a variety of projects, each of which was related to the theme of the Second world war. AR.TEAM together with the historical consultant Alexander developed a prototype platform (mobile application) for creating interactive tours and guides. An interactive guide was created based on the history of one of the punitive camp Trostenets. With this app the user can plunge into the historical context: meet a historical character, communicate with him, trace his life path, and even help make a difficult moral choice - to give up the partisans or destroy the inhabitants of an entire village. To implement the project, the AR. TEAM prepared a plot and wrote texts based on historical data, filmed a video with the character against the background of real historical place – the death camp Trostenets. All that is possible with augmented reality. The example of this application showed how to create content and how to get results in a short period of time (2 days). This application has great features. It will interest museum workers, history teachers and anyone interested in history.

Diploma in the IV National forum “Museums of Belarus”

The 4th National Forum “Museums of Belarus” was held on October 4-6 in Brest. A special jury diploma in the nomination “For innovations in museum activities” was awarded to the joint development of AR.TEAM and the Kobrin military-historical Museum named after A.V. Suvorov. The application "the Revived uniform" was presented to the jury. The app uses augmented reality technology. You just need to point the camera of your smartphone at the floor and a real historical character dressed in the costume of the chosen era will come to life in front of you. You can take a picture with the character and even make a video.

Winners in the nomination “Skills of the 21st century”

On March 23-24, 2019 in Minsk, the educational hackathon EduTHON brought together all those who are not indifferent to issues of modern education. During these two days, teachers and developers from different cities of Belarus created teams, developed and submitted to the jury projects of interest to students and teachers. The jury highly appreciated the joint project of AR.TEAM and mathematics teachers. In a short period of time, an augmented reality app that can help teachers create content visualization for solving stereometry problems was created. The main difference between the created application and existing ones is that created application is a tool that allows the teacher to create a 3D model in a few minutes, and students see a three-dimensional figure. In this way, students can easily imagine the necessary figure. This application helped to win the nomination "Skills of the 21st century".


The Rastishka application, developed by our company in collaboration with Danone Ukraine and the agency Carat Ukraine, received a bronze at Effie 2018 Ukraine (new technologies and media innovation).
We created a mobile app with the technology of AR (augmented reality), which allows you to vitalize objects which are pictured on Rastishka yogurt. If you buy Rastishka, your kid can collect the solar system, explore the world of marine animals or a fun alphabet with dinosaurs. We managed to combine product, technology and brand mission in one solution - a mobile app. It allowed us to grow the market share of the brand, protect our competitors' position, improve brand performance, and build a database of 350,000 regular users of the app.

Presentation of our products in the children library

On March 31 we have made a presentation of our augmented reality applications in the N. Ostrovsky central city’s library for children in Minsk. During the presentation, we had an opportunity to observe the live vector of interest of the younger “generation Z” to our IT products. The pupils showed great interest in such apps as ASTAR - developed by us for a series of interactive children's encyclopedias, as well as Neposeda+ which works together with the children's magazine of the same name. While boys most of all liked to play with the 3D models of military techniques, the girls preferred to animate the AR-colouring pages.


Our company has provided the first children's educational hackathon on augmented reality entitled: "Make YourSelf - create your own reality", which was held within the framework of educational projects Make YourSelf and Hi-Tech Park in Minsk. The participants of the hackathon were pupils of 8 to 11 grades from educational institutions in Minsk, Borisov, Rogachev and Gomel.
Under the guidance of our specialists, the children were able to develop their own virtual content, including their own 3D models. Moreover, the children developed their own mobile augmented reality apps, designed to work with school textbooks. In just four hours of intensive work, the pupils have gained a unique experience in complex development of the augmented reality apps.

Komsomolskaya Pravda Newspaper

The newspaper Komsomolskaya Pravda wrote a review about our augmented reality application "Neposeda + Zhevzhik". Every two weeks we create new interesting content with animated 3D characters, 3D coloring, colorful live scenes and more for the application "Neposeda + Zhevzhik"! It is a wonderful product filled with joy and life!

Augmented Reality Will Disrupt Your Industry! MeetUp VRAR Chicago

It was a great pleasure to meet with the professionals and to think about many interesting new ways how the new technologies change the world nowadays. EX3Labs and BundlAR provided demonstrations of the publication-based AR application for Cushman & Wakefield's Occupier Edge Magazine. And our AR.TEAM was represented by Luba Khramova and Roman Elizarov. Luba made a short presentation of Christmas Card with Santa Claus and EMILY RISE clothes with AR.


On Sunday, May 21, the opening celebration of the Orthodox church dedicated to St Nicholas the Wonderworker was held in Lyadno village. The celebration was attended by residents of the agricultural settlement and nearby villages. Mobile co-working with free workshops, competitions and games were arranged for the kids on this day, as well as a possibility to taste delicious porridge and to drink hot flavored tea. Our team also took part in the celebration. Many boys and girls had great fun experiencing the virtual reality glasses for the first time!